Smooth production with Hardick’s temperature resistant conveyor belt

Conveyer belts are used for many purposes, such as for the production of foodstuffs, bake- and fry products, carpets etc. If you are looking for a good conveyer belt, then Hardick is the right place for you to look at. In the Netherlands Hardick is the market leader in conveyor belts with anti-stick properties. In Europe they take a leading position as well. They have about 100 years of experience and product development, so an excellent product and service is guaranteed!

A temperature resistant conveyor belt

In pretty much most of the industries conveyor belts are used, but they all require different kinds of bands, Smooth production with Hardick's temperature resistant conveyor beltand sometimes it is a temperature resistant conveyor belt that is needed. This band will make sure that, for example, products won’t get stuck on the band and cause any delay to the production process. One type of temperature resistant conveyor belt Hardick offers is the PTFE conveyor belt. This belt has extremely low friction and a high torque at small volumes and it’s heat resistant for temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius. The PTFE bands won’t get fungal and bacterial growth, won’t need solvents in coating systems and there are very light structures possible for any furnace builds. The temperature resistant bands cause the products to not get stuck onto the band, which gives a few nice advantages:

  • The efficiency of the production improves
  • The number of products being waisted will decrease
  • The overall operational excellence will improve

As a result of these three advantages, a temperature-resistant conveyor belt will save you both money and time. 

The Hardick conveyor belts are widely applicable as well, they are applied in UV-dryers, shrink tunnels, heatsealbelts, laminators and many more. If your company is interest in a horizontal placement of its products, that are not allowed to adhere to a belt at such high temperatures as 260 degrees Celsius, then Hardick also offers you the right experience and production facilities with which they will show solutions with the durable PTFE temperature resistant conveyor belt. 

Other services

Aside from temperature resistant conveyor belts Hardick also offers other products, shrink tubes for example. The FEP and PFA shrink tubes are made from extruded and expanded tubes. First the tubes will be heated, making them grow and after the tube shrinks back to its original extrusion-size, which makes the tubes well suited for coating rolls and rollers. The tubes are basically resistant against all chemicals, except for liquid alkali metals and fluorine when used at high temperatures and it is also advised to not use the tubes for complex hallucinogenic compounds at a high temperature and under high pressure. Of course, the temperature resistant conveyor belt among others need to be weld on your own machines. For this, there is transportable and efficient PTFE welding equipment. You will be able to assemble your conveyor belt at your own leisure, without any losses of valuable production time. 

If you are involved in an industry, there is a high chance you will need a proper conveyor belt. Hardick offers you the right supplies for a smooth production process with, for example, a temperature-resistant conveyor belt, or a shrink tube. To make your production smooth and quick, Hardick is there for you!