Winter is here … but not if you own a Estepona property!

It is winter again in the Netherlands. You can feel the heavy air as soon as you wake up in the morning. Your bedroom is rather cold and your eyes are still half closed. There is no sun entering your bedroom window, so you feel strange and confused every year when the winter arrives. Living in the Netherlands makes this time of the year even harder: you can feel the incredible power of the wind down to the last bone. It does not matter that you wear four layers of clothes; you still shiver. Every winter you ask yourself why you have not gone somewhere warm for three months. It is easier to answer the ‘why you should go somewhere else for three months’ than ‘why you should stay’. You work a full year to support yourself and then you end it with an awful time. Why do you do that to yourself? There is a full sun waiting for you in Spain! All you need is just a Estepona property. Who does not want to live for a few months a year in a beautiful resort where facilities for water sports and all kinds of outdoor activities are present all year around? You already know you want to buy your new Estepona property. The only remaining question is how you get to the right market.

Realista will find your new Estepona property

Well, look no further because has everything you can dream off. The vast and gorgeous selection of houses includes and goes beyond:

  • Rooftop apartments and penthouses
  • Duplex buildings
  • Sea side apartments

You can definitely find your new Estepona property through Realista because their market portfolio varies from € 150.000 to more than € 2 million. Apart from sunny days most of the year, the bright part about buying a Estepona property is the fact that you can rent it out anytime you are not there. Since we already established that you will live there during the Dutch winter time, you might want to consider conducting some research on how to rent out your house for the rest of the year. The real estate agents from Realista are experts on the Spanish market, professional, well-trained and eager to find your new Estepona property. The only thing left for you to do is click the contact button on their website, and start receiving great advice on your future Estepona property.

Your new house will bring you profits

Winter does not have to be a hassle in your life. Just as the weather changes, you should be able to choose where you want to live. Your new Estepona property will bring you lots of sun, and yes, a lot of profit. You might think that a new house is a too much of a big investment just for you to go away a few months a year. However, you are not thinking straight – your mortgage will literally be paid by all the tourists that will rent your new beautiful home; you simply have to make sure you are visible everywhere online, to the right target group of tourists. For the winter, the house is yours, and for the rest of the time, you will be making more money than you need. If you buy a big enough house, you might even be able to move there definitively and you might not have to go back and work in the Netherlands. Buying this house might turn out to be the best decision you ever made!